ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stan Key is president of The Francis Asbury Society. He joined the FAS team in 2013 after 10 years of missionary service in Paris, France, and 18 years of pastoral leadership at Loudonville Community Church in Albany, New York.

A new book by Stan Key

Jeremiah Fire In His Bones

Jeremiah’s Prophecies to an Uncaring Generation

In the Book of Jeremiah, God does not choose Jeremiah because he is qualified—rather, God qualifies Jeremiah because he is chosen! Like Jeremiah, each of God’s children have a purpose that He longs for us to understand. We can only discover this purpose once we realize it’s not about me—it’s about God. 

Jeremiah's life and ministry serves as a model for those today who seek help in living faithfully in a post-Chistian world. 

This book is perfect for pastors or those who seek Biblical wisdom on how to live in these challenging times. 

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