Are You Lost in Logistics?

  • Tired of too many long, boring and exasperating church board meetings?  
  • Struggling with who should make the decisions?  
  • Feeling under-utilized in ministry?  
  • Is your board micro-managing the day to day, or leading from a big picture vision?  
  • Are you resigned to the routine of regular and ineffective board and committee meetings?  
  • Are you and your church leaders feeling frustrated and uninspired?

You’re not alone.

“There is so much red tape in our church that before any decision can be made, it has to pass through three or four levels of committee bureaucracy for approval. I’m just frustrated!”

Lost in Logistics

This new book offers relief for those who have spent numerous hours and evenings serving on committees or boards in their churches or nonprofit organizations. 

With decades of experience in being a part of church boards, Rev. Bob Moss provides a step-by-step guide for implementing a healthy decision-making structure and training your church or nonprofit board to function with clarity and effectiveness.

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About Author Bob Moss

Bob Moss is an executive leader at Church of God Ministries. Before taking up this responsibility in 2014, he served for more than thirty years in pastoral ministry, including congregations in Washington, Wyoming, Michigan, and Ohio. He also served as the executive state minister for the 150 congregations in Indiana and led with distinction as a two-term chairman of the North American General Assembly of the Church of God. Internationally, his ministry has extended to India, Paraguay, Lebanon, Germany, and Hungary.

What others say about Lost in Logistics

“Bob Moss has written a book that is a must-read for pastors looking to implement a healthy, growth producing structure in the local church.”  

—David Colp Lead Pastor First Church St. Joseph, Michigan

“Bob Moss pours his heart into helping us understand the link between ministry and organizing principle.” 

—Jim Lyon General Director Church of God Ministries Anderson, Indiana

“Effective governance is at the very root of a healthy church.” 

—Dr. David E. Cox Board Chair Salem Church of God Clayton, Ohio

“Bob Moss provides a most helpful narrative within the wider context of congregational decision-making structures.” 

—Joseph Cookston, Ph.D. Former Executive Pastor Salem Church of God Clayton, Ohio

Leaders, pastors, board members and ministers alike will appreciate Bob’s thoughtful approach to changing meetings in order to get ministry moving again.

Inside Lost in Logistics

Why Church Leaders Are Frustrated

We can all relate to too many meetings and a lack of clarity about decision making that leave pastors and board/committee members at their wits end.

Understanding the Hallmarks of Healthy Decision Making

In many churches, roles and responsibilities are confused. Many times it appears that the pastor and staff minister, the congregation governs, and the board leads and manages. There is a better way.

Planning for a Better Way

Think about your congregation’s future in terms of a board that works with pastoral leadership to imagine the future, and to hold the pastor accountable to lead in a way in which that vision is fulfilled.

Communicating the Need for Change

Once leaders begin planning the look of the new structure and fine-tuning it, the very important task of communicating with the congregation remains.

Achieving Organizational Affirmation

5 simple steps to prepare your church for the vote.

Implementing a Healthy System

People will be eager to understand their role in the new system. They want to understand how it works, and they need help seeing how a ministry team functions differently than a committee.

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